Target-oriented, open and constructive cooperation among various institutions, organisations, specialists and active people focused on shaping the policy on addictive diseases and related issues in Lithuania.


By reference to the principles of humanism, tolerance and partnership, with human rights and freedoms respect-based approach, to aim at effective solving of problems associated with addictive diseases and related issues as well as forming a safe and healthy society.


  • Elimination of obstacles, which prevent vulnerable groups from access to and provision of health-care, social and other assistance.
  • Endeavour for decision-making and executive institutions and persons directly related to vulnerable groups to understand needs of such groups.
  • Decreasing stigma and discrimination of vulnerable people by shaping public opinion.
  • Enhancement of the system of integration and re-socialisation of vulnerable groups, establishment of mechanisms to create and fund the system.
  • Implementation and safeguarding of efficient harm reduction principles in the national policies on drug control as well as on prevention of drug addiction and HIV/AIDS.
  • Capacity building of members, self-organisation of vulnerable groups, active participation in the decision-making process.

Main Activities of the Coalition

  • Organization of monitoring and analysis of adoption and implementation of legal acts.
  • Provision of recommendations and consultations to authorities and other institutions on ways to solve problems associated with addictive diseases and related issues.
  • Conduction of research in different areas associated with addictive diseases and related issues.
  • Organization of conferences, educational seminars, discussions and lectures.
  • Preparation of information materials about addictive diseases and related issues.