Harm reduction and information point “Be Safe Lab”

The harm reduction and information point “Be Safe Lab” has visited 3 music festivals in 2017:
• “Supynes” festival (June 30 – July 2);
• “YAGA gathering” (August 3-7);
• “LOFTAS Fest” (September 8-9).

During 2018, we continue the initiative to prevent the psychoactive substances use related incidents, and we plan to visit 4 music festivals:

  • “Supynes” festival,
  • “YAGA gathering”,
  • “Radistai Village”,
  • “LOFTAS Fest”.

The participants, who visit the “Be Safe Lab” point, are able to receive professional consultations about the risks and effects of psychoactive substances, safe sex, estimate their blood alcohol content and get a rapid HIV test.

Education and support instead of punishment and threatening – this is a guiding principle of the “Be Safe Lab”. “People, who visit these info points, are mostly interested in effects and risks of mixing of psychoactive substances, they are asking for possibility to get the psychoactive substances tested in Lithuania,” – sais Girvydas Duoblys, a representative of the coalition “I Can Live”.

The “Be Safe Lab” educational initiative was implemented by the “Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Department”, the “I Can Live” Coalition, the “Republican Vilnius university hospital Poisoning Department“, Association “Demetra”, UAB “Alkotesteris”, “Health Emergency Situations Centre of the Ministry of Health“ and “Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications”.

The European Commission and the United Nations claim that the public education and the decriminalization of drugs are successful and effective ways towards a healthy and aware society. The authorities recommend that the national drug policy was a comprehensive and balanced approach with full respect of human rights, protection of human health, assurance of the safety of the family and society, promotion of cooperation civil society.

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