HIV Challenge: Bridging the Gaps in Lithuania

Duration of the project: September, 2017 till February, 2019.

Project description. This project is an advocacy plan, aimed at sustainability of HIV testing and therapy as well as stigma reduction among vulnerable groups, experts and society. With the help of active advocacy actions (high level meetings, trainings for health care specialists) the sustainable funding for rapid HIV testing and linkage to care could ensure an early diagnosis and access to treatment, while HIV stigma reduction and awareness raising determines the equality of human rights. This project will also reach the vulnerable groups of people (drug users, LGBT) and will involve them into the project actions through focus groups and PLHIV Stigma Index research, which will be implemented according to the “GNP+” methodology.


This advocacy program is aimed at: 

  • Changing perceptions of decision makers/ HCPs about HIV and its unmet needs;
  • Challenging HIV testing and linkage to care gaps in Lithuania based on UN AIDS Program 90-90-90 and ECDE Special Report (Malta, 2017);
  • Addressing HIV stigma by introducing PLHIV Stigma Index while advocating on the key barriers perpetuating stigma – a key obstacle to HIV treatment, prevention, care and support in Lithuania.


The key objectives of the project:

  • To challenge HIV testing and linkage to care gaps in Lithuania based on the progression towards UNAIDS Program 90-90-90 goals and ECDC Special Report (Malta, 2017)
  • To advocate for government funded rapid HIV testing for most affected populations and for government funded HIV lab testing on the primary health care level
  • To advocate for better linkage to care after testing
  • To contribute to the knowledge & capacity development of social workers to increase their role in linkage to care process
  • To address HIV stigma by introducing PLHIV Stigma Index and advocate on the key barriers preventing PLHIV from linkage to care, treatment and social services (PUBLICATION)
  • To promote multi-sectoral approach to tackle insufficient HIV management in Lithuania by reaching out to all relevant stakeholders.